Play Your Sheet Music

Play Your Sheet Music

To play a Musicnotes digital sheet music file, first open it in the viewer, then tap the "Play" button in the top toolbar. The audio data for the piece will load, the piece will zoom to the default zoom level, and the menu will switch into playback mode.

Once loading is complete (after the "rest" symbol has disappeared from your screen) the sheet music will play from the start of the current page to the end of the song while highlighting the notes in time with the audio.

While the song is playing you will see the playback toolbar on the top of your screen.


The song will remain in playback mode until you tap the red "X" button located on the left side of the toolbar. You can tap this button at any time to stop playback and return to the main toolbar.

To stop playback tap on the "Stop" button. The song will remain in playback mode but allow you to switch pages. If you hit the "Play" button again, the song will begin to play from the start of the current page.

After playback begins, you can pause the song using the "Pause" button. You will not be able to switch pages while the song is paused. However the next time you hit the "Play" button, playback will resume right where you left off.

If you start playback mode while holding your device horizontally, the sheet music will scroll vertically as it plays to keep the currently playing music in view.

Please note: The playback system advances pages for you in order to keep the playing music in view. You will only be able to manually turn pages before tapping "Play," or after the music has been stopped.

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