Manage Your Sheet Music Library

To manage which songs are downloaded to your device, choose any of the three sections All Songs, Musicnotes Songs, or Imported PDFs, from the left slide-out menu. You must be online to download songs, but once a song has been downloaded it will be available for viewing and playback even if you are offline.

On the All Songs or Musicnotes Songs screen, you will see all of your purchases. If the piece is already downloaded to your device, the row text color will be black. If it is not yet on your device, the row text color will be a light gray.

Please note: If you do not see a song that you have just purchased, you must refresh the list using the "pull-down" method (scroll past the top of the list and swipe down while pressing on the screen).

Above your list of sheet music is a filter bar that allows you to show all songs or only the songs that you've downloaded onto your device.

In order to download a song to your device, swipe the row containing your title to the left of the screen and tap the "Download" button. You may also simply tap on your title, and it will automatically download and open the piece for you.

In order to remove a song from your device, swipe the row to the left and tap the "Remove from Device" button. You can freely re-download any removed songs.

If you wish to remove all the songs from your device, tap the three vertical dot menu button in the top-right corner of the screen and choose "Remove All Songs" from the menu. A dialog will appear asking for confirmation, and then the songs will be removed.

If you wish to Download all of your songs at once, choose "Download All Songs" from the menu. A green bar will appear along the top of the screen showing the download progress of all the songs. You may cancel the download by tapping on the "X" button in the top right corner of the green bar.

Adding More Sheet Music

You may go directly to the website on any device or computer to purchase songs for your account. Any purchased songs will be available for download onto your device as soon as your song list is refreshed. 

Please note: In app purchases are not currently available through the app, and you must visit our website separately.

Every month Musicnotes also provides a Free Song of the Month. If you would like to access the Free Song of the Month in the app, you can go to the Free Music page at and add it through the checkout process. This new process allows our customers to maintain access to the free songs on all of their devices and also allows them to print unlimited copies from the website.

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