Selection and Looping

Playback now includes the ability to specify the playback starting point, a specific section of the music to play, and specifying a section to loop playback.


Once you are viewing the music, you will be able to place the cursor with one of the following methods. While the song is playing, you will see the playback toolbar at the top of your screen.

  • Press and hold where you would like to place the cursor, or,
  • Tap the “Play” button in the top toolbar – which will begin the standard playback, so you may wish to tap “Stop”. Once you are in playback mode, you will be able to tap the “Selection” icon, which will place the cursor at the beginning of the page you are viewing.


Once the cursor is displaying on the screen, you can move the cursor’s position by pressing-and-holding on the middle of the cursor, then drag it to your desired position. You can clear the cursor by tapping the “Selection” icon. Please note: The app will not remember the last position of the cursor or the selected area.


After placing the cursor, the selection icon in the top bar will change. You may clear that cursor at any time by tapping the "Selection" icon.



After placing the cursor, you can select a section of the music by pressing-and-holding on either the top- or bottom dot of the cursor. This will split the cursor into 2 cursors, and allow you to set the starting- and ending points for playback.


You may drag these cursors to adjust the selected area at any time, or drag the cursors together again to form the single cursor for selecting your playback starting point.


If your desired selection needs to span multiple pages, start by making your selection on the first page. Drag the ending cursor to the bottom-right corner of the page, then tap the “Next Page” button that will display.


If your selection needs to span to the previous page, drag the starting cursor to the top-left corner of the page, then tap the “Previous Page” button that will display.



Once you have made your selection, tapping the “Play” button will play back the selection.



Once you have selected a section of the music, you may also loop the playback of your selection. After making a selection, the “Looping” icon will display in the menu bar at the top of the screen.


By default, the looping feature will not be enabled; tap the “Looping” icon to enable the feature. Please note: You will need to enable the looping feature with each new selection.



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