Getting Started: Your Library

Signing in to Your Musicnotes Account

When you first launch the Musicnotes app, you will be prompted to log in to your account. You must be logged into your account to view and play the music that you have purchased.



Guest users: If you choose not to log in, you will enter the app as a Guest user, and will have only a small selection of free songs available to you. You may still choose to sign in at anytime.

You may also log in, change the signed in user, or to log out, from the Settings section available from the side slide out menu. (Please see Changing Your Settings for detailed instructions.) The app will remember the last person who was logged in, so if you are the only user of this app on your device you will not need to log in again.

Basic Navigation

To switch to another section of the app, such as Settings or Help, use the left slide-out menu. You can open the left slide-out menu by swiping on the screen from the left or by tapping the "Menu" button at the top left. You can close the left slide-out menu by selecting an option or tapping outside of it elsewhere on the screen.


All Songs

When the All Songs tab is selected, all of the sheet music you've purchased is accessible.


To view a piece of music, tap its row in the list to open it in viewing mode. (Please see the View Your Sheet Music topic for more information).

You may search for a particular piece you have downloaded by using the "Search" field at the top of the list.


You can press the three dot menu on any row to show a particular title's menu options. Tap outside of the popup to close the menu.


In the overflow menu, you will be able to do the following:

  • Download a title to your device. You may also remove it later if you want, from the same menu. You may learn more about downloading in the Manage Your Sheet Music Library topic.


  • Remove a title from your device. You may download it again later if you want.


  • Add a title to a Folder or Set list. Tapping the "Add to Folder or Set list" button will open a dialog box that will allow you to add your selected title to multiple folders or set lists. You may learn more about folders and set lists in the Organize Your Library (Folders and Set Lists) topic.


  • Learn more about the title you have selected. The "Info" button will display a popup with more information about the piece, such as scoring and artist.


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