What is the Musicnotes Player and why do I want it?

The Musicnotes Player allows you to view and hear the Musicnotes digital sheet music files you have purchased (on Windows machines only). After syncing your purchased files, the Musicnotes Player lets you access them for studying purposes.

When you play your files on the Musicnotes Player, you can see the notes light up as the music goes by. You can also adjust the tempo of the playback, as well as select specific passages if you'd like to focus on any certain section of the music.

The Musicnotes Player also comes with a free music encyclopedia, the Musicteacher™. Click any term or symbol and the Musicteacher™ will tell you more about it. Click any note or chord and hear how it sounds.

If you do not have the Musicnotes Player on your computer, you can download and install it here.

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