Importing Your Personal Sheet Music (PDFs)

You may import your own personal sheet music PDF files into your library and access them within the Musicnotes Sheet Music Player app. To do so, please follow these steps:
  • Connect your iOS device to your desktop computer and open iTunes. After a moment, you should see your device listed as a button in the top left. Click on this button so that you can see the device manager.
  • You will now see a summary of details for the device you are using. On the left, there is a menu and you will notice "Summary" is selected. Click the "Apps" menu item directly below it.
  • Once you are in the "Apps" section, scroll down until you see the area titled "File Sharing". Here, you will see a list of applications which accept file sharing. Select "Musicnotes" from the list of applications. Note: if you have both of our apps installed on your device, you will see them both listed here. Please be sure to select the app with the white icon.
  • After you select "Musicnotes", the "Musicnotes Documents" area to the right will display the list of files currently being shared with the app. To add files, click the "Add..." button at the bottom of the list of shared files, and a file finding dialog box will appear. On your computer, locate the PDFs you would like to import into the Musicnotes app, and add them to the list of shared files. Lastly, click the "Sync" button to add them to your device.
Editing Imported PDF Info

After you have imported a PDF and it appears in your song list, you can swipe from right to left from the right arrow:

A swipe menu will open:

You can open the edit screen by tapping the "edit" button while viewing the info window of a PDF. The info window can be viewed by tapping the "Info" button in the row swipe menu or hitting the info button while viewing a piece.

Use the editing screen to change or update the various information for your imported PDF by clicking on "Enter Value" or the existing information under the heading you are editing.

Once you have made your changes, the "Save" button will appear in the top right.  Tap this to save the changes you have made to the info for your PDF.

Otherwise, tap "Cancel" in the top left to reject the changes.




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