Video Recording for the Musicnotes App on iPad

Want to impress your friends and family with your musical talents? You can now do so by recording a video and sharing it online through Musicnotes.

On your iPad (we're sorry, but iPhones and iPods are not currently supported), you can begin your recording by opening the Musicnotes Sheet Music Player app and selecting the title that you would like to play. Once your song loads, tap on the "Record Now" button.

A full-screen pop-up will appear showing a preview of the area that will be recorded. Use this preview to set your device in a good location to record your performance. Once you have your position set, tap on the "Record Now" button. Or, if you would like to exit recording, simply tap the "Cancel" button. 

After tapping "Record Now," a countdown will appear. Once the countdown is completed, the camera will begin recording and you can begin playing your piece and following along on the app. The amount of time elapsed on the recording will be listed in the upper left of the screen. When you feel your video is complete, stop recording by tapping the “Done” button in the upper right.

After you have finished your recording, your video will need to process for posting and sharing. The longer the video, the more time it will take to process. Once your video is ready, a final pop-up will be displayed and you will be able to see a preview of your video. If you like what you see, hit the "Share" button to post the video to a supported social media channel. You may also use the "Try Again" button if you aren't happy with your video and would like another take. Once you have finished recording and sharing, tap the "Done" button to be returned back to your sheet music view.

Please note, ALL videos you have recorded will be saved to your camera roll even if you hit “Try Again.”  You can open the “Photos” app provided by Apple iOS to view or share at a later time. If you run out of disk space on your device, or tap the "Home" button (putting the Musicnotes app into the background) during your recording, it will end early.


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