Importing Your Purchased Sheet Music

After you have successfully signed into your account, whether or not you immediately choose to download your music, you will be shown the main navigation window.

In this window you will see the "Musicnotes Cloud" and "Computer" filters on the top left. To view the music you currently have downloaded to your Windows 10 device, use the "Computer" filter.

You can use the "Musicnotes Cloud" filter option to view all of the titles you have purchased on your account, and select which you would like to download to the Musicnotes app.  Just click the gray check icon next to the name of the piece to download it.

In both filters you may remove a piece of music from your computer by clicking the green check icon next to its name.

If you do not see a recent title you have purchased in your "Musicnotes Cloud" list, hit the refresh icon button and it should appear.

If you still do not see your purchase, please verify that you are signed into the same account in which you made the purchase.

Next to the refresh button is a menu button which displays further options. These menu options will let you "mass edit" your purchased music and download all of your purchases at once, or remove everything that is currently downloaded.

If you wish to view a different key for a piece you have already downloaded, please see our Transposing Your Sheet Music topic.

You may double-click any title to open it in a Viewer window.  Please note: If you double-click a piece that you have not yet downloaded to the app, there will be a slightly longer load time to allow it to download.

For more information on the Viewer window, please see Viewing your Purchased Sheet Music.

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