How do I/Can I backup my Musicnotes app info to iCloud?

If your device supports iCloud and you are logged into an account with Documents & Data enabled for the Musicnotes app, backups will be stored for your device every time you exit the app using the home button. Your sync list, notes, sets, folders and settings will all be available if you need to reinstall the app. Note that currently these backups only pertain to one device.  (These steps can also be found in the Help section of the Musicnotes Sheet Music Manager app).


Enabling Backups

To begin backing up, the first thing you must do is log in to your iCloud account. Open the iOS system settings and choose iCloud. If you are not currently logged in you will see a sign in screen. Enter your email and password and tap “sign in”. 

Once logged in, you can control what gets backed up under the iOS system settings for iCloud. Ensure that “Documents & Data” is turned ON. If this setting is not on, hit “Documents & Data”, flip the switch to ON and return back using the arrow button. Now that you are logged in to iCloud with “Documents & Data” turned on, the Musicnotes app will begin to backup your data to iCloud.


Restoring a Backup

Follow the steps above to ensure that iCloud is enabled for your device. If you have used the Musicnotes app in the past with iCloud enabled and a backup exists on the iCloud (assuming you didn’t clear it through settings), the first time you reinstall the app you will be asked to restore this backup. If you choose to restore, the backup data will be transferred and a sync will run to match your last sync list. If you don’t restore, you must confirm that you would like to start a new backup. The old backup will be discarded and a new one will begin with your current content.


Backups Settings

This section of the settings page provides information on the status of your backups. If iCloud is enabled, a backup will be saved for your device every time you exit the app using the home button. If you notice that iCloud is not enabled and you’d like to begin storing backups, open the iOS settings, choose iCloud and ensure that you are logged in to an account with Documents & Data enabled for the Musicnotes app. Note that some older devices may not support iCloud. For more information please visit the iCloud Backup help section.



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