Why is There a Minimum Print Requirement for Choral Arrangements?

Most choral ensemble arrangements are meant to include several copies of the music for the number of singers/performers, an accompanist, and a director. We have made this available for our ensemble choral pieces, and this is reflected in the reduced price of these arrangements as well.

Each choral piece's copy purchase minimum is based on the number of performers required for the piece. However, each copy is a *flat per-copy price (USD). For subsequent copies and orders, each additional copy is the same per-copy price (USD) as well. 

The price of each choral piece depends on our agreements with specific publishers, as well as the number of pages included in the arrangement.

*(With our multi-print functionality customers may purchase one copy of a "standard" (non-choral) piece at full price, and each additional copy is reduced in price.)

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