Some of your pieces are Public Domain, why aren't these free?

If you search through multiple titles of Public Domain pieces, you will notice that some are Musicnotes Editions (indicated with a green note icon -these are Public Domain works which include unlimited printouts) and some are regular Musicnotes files (indicated with a blue note icon  -these are both Public Domain and non-Public Domain files that include one printout per purchase). 

The Musicnotes Editions files generally cost less than the Musicnotes files because we (Musicnotes) publish the arrangement and do not have to pay royalties to other publishers and copyright holders.  However, even though a Public Domain composition no longer is protected by copyright, each publishers' specific arrangements may be.

The cost for Musicnotes Editions arrangements goes to pay our staff musicians for creating them, the time and labor it takes to post the songs on our website, store the file information, and help cover the costs of creating the free Musicnotes software and mobile apps where customers can view and manage their purchases. 
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