I'm having issues printing on my Mac with OS 10.8.

When Apple released OS 10.8 (and also 10.7.5), also known as "Mountain Lion," it came loaded with a security software called Gatekeeper.  Gatekeeper is designed to prevent Mac users from malware and other security issues.  By default Gatekeeper automatically blocks any plug-ins or applications downloaded from the internet.

Since Musicnotes uses Adobe Flash for printing digital sheet music, this has been causing issues for some of our Mac customers.

To temporarily disable Gatekeeper and safely install applications upon downloading them from, please follow these steps:

  • Open your System Preferences folder
  • Click Security and Privacy and make sure you are under the "General" tab
  • If the Lock icon on the bottom left corner is locked, click on it then enter your Mac administrator name and password
  • Under "Allow applications downloaded from:" choose "Anywhere."

VERY IMPORTANT:  Once you have downloaded the necessary software from Musicnotes, be sure to change your security settings back, and re-enable Gatekeeper so you are secure when using other sites.

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