What type of paper should I use to print my digital sheet music?

You can print on any paper that usually works well in your printer. Standard printer and copy paper (white 24# and 20#) are the most common, and usually work the best. 

If you prefer to print on something other than plain white paper though, we would suggest choosing any paper with little or no texture so that the music prints smoothly - parchment is usually a good choice.

We have also heard of customers printing on card stock to have a more "durable" page of sheet music; however the weight of cardstock may also increase your chances of a paper jam, so please keep this in mind!

If you are looking to print your sheet music larger than the default "letter" size (A4 in Europe and 8.5" by 11" in the US), you may choose to print on legal-sized paper, and then be sure to adjust your printer settings accordingly.

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