Why are some of the verses missing from the song I purchased?

Many pieces (especially Piano/Vocal and Piano/Vocal/Guitar scorings) are not actual note-for-note transcriptions of the recording. Publishers will intentionally simplify these arrangements to make them more playable for most musicians.

Songs with notations such as "Easy Piano", "Easy Play", "Big Note", "Easy Guitar" or "Easy Guitar TAB" will usually be abridged (condensed) versions.

As a guide to help make selections, product pages show "Quick Details" to the right of, and "Product Information" below, each product preview. Notation and/or Scoring, as well as other helpful information, is indicated in either place. Digital previews show a sample of the actual product.

Just below the digital preview, in the Product Information section, please note the individual tabs offering description. The "At a Glance" tab is where you can find information about lyrics such as:

  • "*This arrangement contains complete lyrics."
  • "*This arrangement contains partial lyrics."
  • "*This simplified arrangement may not contain the complete lyrics."

Also note that Leadsheets typically only contain the lyrics, chord symbols and melody line of a song and are rarely more than one page in length. They often do not contain complete lyrics to the song.


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