How Do I Use or Print Music in Windows 8?

Internet Explorer on Windows 8 does not support the technology necessary to use or to print Musicnotes sheet music when the site is viewed in the Modern / Metro mode of Internet Explorer.

To use on Windows 8, please do one of the following:

     1.   Use a browser other than Internet Explorer (for example, Firefox)

     2.   OR, switch your Internet Explorer to "Desktop Mode" while on

 Switching Internet Explorer to "Desktop Mode" is very simple.  Just follow the directions below:

     1.   Bring up the Windows control bar via any of the following methods:

            a.   Right click anywhere within the browser window

            b.   Swipe down at the bottom of your Modern mode screen

            c.   Press the Windows + Z keys

     2.   Click or tap the third button to the right of the address bar (the wrench icon).

     3.   A small pop-up menu should open.  Click or tap "View on Desktop."


This will change your Internet Explorer to "Desktop Mode" and reload the page you were on.  You can then use as usual.

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