Can I publish and sell my own songs on

We do not currently offer a system to self-publish your arrangements on our site.

In general our focus is to offer sheet music on our site where we see consumer demand. As we strive for quality, as well as proper licensing and data on each piece we offer, every sheet music file we put together takes a large commitment of time and resources on our end (how much depends on the source material), so we do have to be selective in what we add to our catalog.

If you are a composer or publisher with an established base of musicians looking to perform your music and you are interested in publishing your music on Musicnotes, you can contact us via email at

Please provide our publishing team with as much information as possible, including:

  • What kind of music are you looking to publish?
  • Are they original compositions?
  • Has the sheet music already been arranged?
  • What scoring and instruments is the sheet music arranged for?
  • Do you have digital files for the arrangements?
  • What kind of demand do you currently see for your music?
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