How do I change the key of something I've already printed?

If you have already printed your selection, and need it in a different key, you will need to re-purchase it. This is due to publisher copyright and royalties arrangements that we must abide by. Each printed copy is considered a separate purchase that we must pay royalties on.

However, additional copies of arrangements you have previously purchased are available at the discounted price. You may find additional information here - How do I print another copy of my sheet music?

If a transposition to your requested key is not yet available and the key you purchased is not suitable for your needs, in most cases, our staff musicians can transpose it to your desired key. The process to create this transposition can take between one and two weeks but there is no additional cost for this service.

When the transposition request  is complete for your existing order, our Customer Support Team will be able to give you additional print attempts to allow you to print in the new key.

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