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"I used to travel from my rural town 75 miles to find an, at-best, poor selection of outdated sheet music that was usually simplified or a lousy arrangement. With, that is no longer the case. I love your instant downloads, and I like that I can legally purchase the printed score to my favorite songs. Your website is a breeze to use, the plug-ins work great on any computer I use, and the price you charge is so reasonable, I must confess that I've purchased more sheet music than I can probably afford!" - P. Bekkerus, Vocal Music Director

 "As a piano bar performer I must try to play all requests. I need the music now, today, while it is hot and can earn me tips. I don't have time to find it in a collection or something containing songs I already have, or to wait for the Post Office to deliver it to me. With I can order it, pay for it, and have it in minutes. I can use the song that night and make a better living." - G. Fitzgerald 

" is a great place for you to see the music you want to purchase before you do, that way you know what it will be like. Also you can purchase from the comfort of your own home which is wonderful." - Felicia 

"Digital sheet music is so convenient; I don't know why all songs aren't like this... Digital sheet music, also lets me see if I can play the piece before I buy it, another thing you can not do with books over the Internet.  I have bought so many wonderful peices on digital sheet music because of the convenience, clarity and effectiveness.  As a piano player,'s digital sheet music has become a necessity for my music needs, and I continue to check back for wonderful music." - K. Wallin     

"I absolutely LOVE this site! It meets the need of we people who love music, hear a song and want the music immediately. If the artist wants me to "wait" until I can get to a music store or to Barnes and Noble I can tell you that they will lose the business! This provides immediate gratification, it is not so expensive that you do not want to pay for the music, you get the music you want whenever you want it. If you want to play at midnight, but do not have the access to the store, you can get it in your pj's, pay for it, and play.

Like I said - this is a WONDERFUL site and I will (and have already) told a number of my friends about it!!!" - M. Bunn, Connecticut    

"Just wanted to tell you how easy your site was to use and how quick the process to print out the music is. I had tried another site which was unsuccessful, so I really appreciate how efficient your site is. Thanks to all the team!" - Anonymous Piano teacher


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