Do you offer a Secure Shopping environment? is designed to provide a safe and secure shopping environment. When you access account information or place orders, our systems work with the browser software on your computer to establish a secure, encrypted connection using an Internet-standard technology called SSL. This encrypted connection prevents information from being intercepted as it travels the Internet between our systems. Internet Explorer, and all major browsers use SSL to protect transactions. You can verify that you are viewing a secure web page by checking your browser's lock icon — on a secure page the lock will appear in the "locked" position.

Your credit card information is immediately sent through a secure connection to our credit card processor and is only retained on our server for a maximum of 24 hours after your transaction has processed, unless you choose to store your payment method for future purchases.

During checkout, Musicnotes offers customers the opportunity to save their credit card numbers for streamlining future purchases. Saved credit card numbers can be deleted from your account at any time. All credit card numbers, even the ones scheduled for deletion are kept in an encrypted form with full PCI compliance.

Musicnotes will only transmit credit card numbers to trading partners with your explicit consent.

If for any reason these systems fail and unauthorized charges are made to your account, the Fair Credit Billing Act stipulates that your bank cannot hold you liable for more than $50 of fraudulent charges. This protection applies only to credit cards (not debit cards) issued under the laws of the United States of America. Credit cards issued in other countries may afford similar protection

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