Manage and Import Your Sheet Music Library

To manage which of your purchased titles are downloaded to your device, select All Songs from the left slide-out menu.

Please note: You must be online to download songs purchased from Musicnotes. Once a song has been downloaded, it will be available for viewing and playback even if you are offline.


On the All Songs screen, you will see all of your purchased sheet music. If a piece is already downloaded to your device, the row text color will be black. If it is not yet on your device, the row text color will be light gray.


Please note: If you do not see a song that you have just purchased, you must refresh the list using the "pull-down" method (scroll past the top of the list and swipe down while pressing on the screen).

Above your list of sheet music titles is a filter bar that allows you to show all songs or only the songs that you've downloaded onto your device.


In order to download a song to your device, tap the three dot button on the row containing your title.


Then, tap the "Download" button. You may also simply tap on your title, and it will automatically download and open the piece for you.


In order to remove a song from your device, tap the three dot button on the row containing your title and then tap the "Remove from Device" button. Once a purchased title has been removed, you will still be able to re-download it as long as you haven't cancelled the order, and you are connected to the internet.


Sorting By Category

To sort your songs by Title, Artist, or Purchase Date, tap on the three dot menu button in the top-right corner of the screen and choose "Sort Songs" from the menu. A popup will appear listing the different categories to sort by, with your current category highlighted. To switch to a different category, simply tap on it, or tap off the screen to return to your song list. Once you select a category to sort by, the dialog will close and your song list will be rearranged by the category you selected.


Performing Bulk Actions

While viewing your song list (All Songs) you will see a menu button which has three vertical white dots in the top right. Tap this button to view the bulk actions menu.


Select Songs

The first option in the bulk action menu is "Select Songs". The "Download All" and "Remove All" options in the bulk menu will update all songs, while the "Select Songs" option allows you choose which songs to perform an action for.

After choosing "Select Songs" from the bulk action menu, the top bar will contain new actions. The action "Add To" option will add selected items to a set list or folder of your choosing, the download icon will download selected items that are not on the device and the trash can icon will remove checked songs that have been downloaded.



While the top bar displays the bulk actions, all of the song rows will also contain a check box. Tap on each title row that you would like to apply a bulk action to, and the actions will activate based on their relevance. In other words, the download button won't appear enabled until you select a title that is not yet downloaded, and the remove button wont enable until you check a song that's already on your device.


Download All Songs

If you wish to download all of your songs at once, choose the Download All Songs option from the menu. A gray bar will appear along the top of the screen showing the download progress of all the songs. You may cancel the download by tapping on the "X" button in the top right corner of the gray bar.


Remove All Songs

If you wish to remove all downloaded songs from your device, choose "Remove All Songs" from the menu. A dialog will appear asking for confirmation to remove your selected items, and your purchased songs will be removed.


Adding More Sheet Music

You may go directly to the website to purchase songs on your account. Any purchased songs will be available for download onto your device as soon as your song list is refreshed from within the app.

Every month Musicnotes also provides a Free Song of the Month. If you would like to access the Free Song of the Month in the app, you can go to the Free Music page at and add it through the checkout process.

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